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How distinctively different is your brand? 



Brand + Strategy for clients and marketing agencies. 


To stand out from the crowd, brand owners and managers face the difficult challenge of building and maintaining brands that are authentic, relevant and distinct.

In the quest to be different, brand guardians must look to align their brand DNA with the needs of audiences, creating a unique brand blueprint that primes and positions for growth. This is where BrandDNA comes in.

Inquisitive by instinct, BrandDNA discovers everything about your brand to make the distinctively different possible. Whether you're looking for brand creation, marketing evolution or communication revolution, our sense of discovery enables you to explore new possibilities and invent the absolute opposite of ordinary.

Brand Research & Insight

Brand DNA Consulting

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Brand Storytelling

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Don't just be different.
Be distinctively different.


Behind every successful brand is a set of distinctive characteristics. The fundamental qualities that define  and distinguish. A compelling backstory and a way of thinking. This DNA is the 'heart and soul' of your brand and your ability to stand out and be easily recognised.

Distinctiveness is the art of making your brand look and behave like itself. Without the advantage of distinction, you leave your brand vulnerable to insignificance. This is where a brand blueprint comes in, helping you build a brand that is consistently and distinctively different



Prime and position your brand for growth.

Fusing Brand + Strategy, we help you discover brand insights, define your brand dna, develop your brand & marketing strategy and deliver your brand story across your integrated communications and campaigns.


Competitor analysis
Market trends
Stakeholder research
SWOT + PEST analysis
Communications audit



Target audiences
Brand/product benefits
Brand personality
Brand USP
Brand essence

BrandDNA. Distinctively Different


Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand strapline
Marketing strategy
Messaging framework



Brand blueprint
Marketing consultancy
Content plan
Marketing campaigns
Copywriting services



Start your journey to an authentic, relevant and distinct brand.


Standing out shouldn’t be difficult. But today, branding is not just about being different. It’s about being distinctively different. No two brands are the same; there’s always a distinction somewhere in the brand story. Let BrandDNA help you discover yours.

Start your journey of discovery by applying our brand blueprint to your business, school or organisation.  Already started the process and want some guidance and support? No problem. We’ll help you translate your existing insight into action.

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Rob has an excellent combination of creative and strategic skills. He took the time to understand our business and strengths to deliver the perfect result.
— Business Consultant
I enjoyed working with Rob and he is a true asset for any business with a requirement for brand, marketing or digital consultancy.
— NLP Master Trainer


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